Once upon a time

New York 2001. Was it too many female complaints about not being able to find sexy, wearable shoes in human sizes? Were they slowly becoming colour-blind by all the black and brown that dominated the shoe market? Or did they realise how urgent the need was to finally break loose from the boring, colourless norms? Whatever drove them, it drove them in the right direction...

The Miz Mooz story begins in 2001, as a small, underground label that only sold to a select number of boutiques in New York

Flash forward...

...to 2009. A Belgian shoe fanatic saunters unsuspectingly on Broadway when his eye suddenly falls on the colourful, playful and hip Miz Mooz shoes. He immediately realises that the brand can have the same success in Europe that it has had in recent years in the US and Canada. He especially realises that the European shoe market also needed more colour, controversy and attitude, and decides to import the collections. Today, Miz Mooz Europe is an extensive network of distributors in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Iceland and Switzerland.


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